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Gain control. Manage cost and risk.
Achieve a step change in performance.

Maintenance Strategy is the combination of Actions and Failure Risks that are associated with an asset. By combining real-time data with human experience, operating parameters, analytics and connectivity, an intelligent asset strategy continuously improves over time. It’s an automated loop of learning that can detect emerging threats for prevention and proper governance.

Are you experiencing any of these problems? 

  • High maintenance costs and unplanned downtime

  • Uncertainty in the quality of strategies across the asset base

  • No line of sight from the tasks being executed in the field to reliability strategy decisions

  • Creating and deploying optimal maintenance strategies is an excessively time-consuming process

  • Challenges in benchmarking asset performance and measuring continuous improvements

  • Inconsistent maintenance plans and Master Data

How Capanik Reliability Solution can helps

  • Rapid strategy deployment

  • Enriched master data and consistency

  • Data-driven continuous improvement

  • Effective governance

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