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Rapidly developed. Financially optimized. Consistent and complete. 

The preventive maintenance strategies that are deployed will have a major impact on the resulting performance, where the completeness, accuracy and consistency will ensure that implementation and uptake is effective. Overcome the challenges with your preventive maintenance planning process, and deliver consistency, justification, efficiency, and effectiveness of the development and deployment of strategies.

Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • Maintenance strategy development is inefficient and costly

  • Maintenance strategy development doesn't seem to take into account previous work or current plans

  • There is a disconnect between strategy development and practical deployment

  • Maintenance strategy development becomes opinion based rather than justified on the basis of data and document assumptions

How Capanik Reliability Solution can helps

  • ​​Efficient and cost effective strategy development.

  • Data driven strategy decision making

  • Workflow engine drives change management

  • Data driven strategy decision making

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